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ASEZA Mobile Application and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority Mobile Application and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Client Name: Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, Industry: Government, Region: Jordan. 

With more than 35 complete mobile services, the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority achieves the highest serving governmental mobile application in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Where services are processed through Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Can Dynamics go Mobile? Yes, it can.




The Aqaba Special Economic Zone forms a global hub for investors and tourists alike. It forms a strategic outlet for regional and international markets, maximizing business opportunities in all sectors and providing an advanced standard of living. The Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority plays a leading role at the administrative and governmental level in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and applies the principle of good governance based on transparency and effectiveness in the decision-making process.

ASEZA engaged with Echo Technology to continue its contribution in stimulating and enhancing citizens' services and to raise the standard of living within Aqaba city by creating a mobile application that functions as a one-stop service center for the local community.


The challenge was to build a strong, reliable mobile application that is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other governmental stakeholders, and provide mobile payment in order to function all services completely and efficiently.


After evaluating several aspects, we focused on generating an application that actually adds value to the authority business and allows citizens to reach the authority from wherever they are. We designed and developed the mobile application focusing on a clean architecture, robust integration, optimized performance, and clear virtual representation, all of that through seamless and professional user experience.

The Design and Development of the mobile application was according to the latest technologies and practices, Xamarin platform has proven that it is, in fact, the best choice for mobile applications development due to providing API Integration where it is important for frameworks to support the newly updated version of each platform, Native Experience in UI where Xamarin is used to create a smooth experience for applications, and Fast Development which reduces the total project timeline. for that, the Xamarin platform was chosen to be the programming language to build this application.

After building, the application was integrated and linked with multiple government databases to verify data entered by applicants providing the highest efficiency:

  • The application is linked with the Civil Status Department to verify the national ID number and the individual who entered it.
  • In addition to linking with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Companies Control Department to verify the data of registered companies.
  • Also, the Department of Land and Survey was also linked with to provide site plans.

The services are applied-for using form technologies and further processed by Microsoft Dynamics CRM adopted by ASEZA, where it also provides a service tracking facility that gives users the chance to check the status of their “applied-for” services for even more efficiency and transparency.


A Service providing a mobile application that provides great user-experience, self-explanatory, and collect data and functions result from several entities by integrating with various databases to establish complete service functioning, under the right visual representation, smooth user-experience across all devices, and content management following the latest Microsoft technologies and international practices.

Payments were the key ingredient of the ASEZA mobile strategy to allows citizens to make cashless payments for services, to increase speed and convenience. To achieve that, the mobile application was integrated with EFAWATEERCOM.

In addition to a complete insight on the bounce rate and visitors’ behavior to know which services are highly demanded by citizens.

ASEZA is Using Dynamics CRM to store information and activities related to customer interaction in addition to processing services. We integrated the mobile application with Dynamics CRM in order for Dynamics to process the services applied for from mobile which played a big role in establishing the best service providing mechanism:

1. The user applies for service through the mobile application by filling dedicated forms.

2. Filled application is managed by Dynamic CRM for further service processing.

3. The applicant is notified with application statuses from Dynamics CRM. 


“Echo Technology was highly qualified, experienced and specialized in terms of development, design, and maintenance, they were professional, very responsive to questions, and commitment to get the results we wanted. The quality of their work raised the level of services we offered” Abdullah Aydi, Project Manager.