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Central Bank of Jordan achieves Cloud Innovation.

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Central Bank of Jordan: The Sole Issuer of the Jordanian Currency achieves Cloud Innovation.

Client Name: Central Bank of Jordan, Industry: Finance, Region: Jordan. 

Central Bank of Jordan achieves a unified digital presence and upgrades it to cloud- being by that the first governmental entity to host its website on cloud- and manage it through EchoBus Content Management System that proved to provide the needed scalability, easy use, and easy maintenance



Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) has been established in 1964 as a monetary authority that enjoys an independent and autonomous corporate identity. CBJ works on maintaining the monetary and financial stability in the Kingdom. It also acts as a Banker for banks and specialized lending institutions, as well as a Banker and fiscal agent of the government and official public institutions.

In partnership with Echo Technology, CBJ continues its contribution to the achievement of economic and social growth in the kingdom by creating a website that functions as a one-stop digital knowledge center to raise the public awareness of banking and financial activities.


The Central Bank of Jordan was mainly concerned with sharing huge amounts of knowledge to the public, where to satisfy that, CBJ needed development services that support high capacity, scalability, and availability.  In addition to a reliable content management system that marries power with simplicity and supports user-experience, high-performance, harmonization of content and security.


The website was designed and developed following the latest technologies and best scalability practices, hosted on Microsoft Azure for even more scalability features and guaranteed high availability, for managing EchoBus CMS was chosen for being a well-known enterprise-level publishing tool that is highly customizable, unified, supports centralization and multiple languages through a single platform. Its configuration management is equipped with Microsoft latest technologies to meet the demands of high-quality software development and best practices


We were able to replace an old website that, by its very nature, was slow and failing to cope with CBJ needs. In its place we built a cutting-edge website that reduces CBJ website page load times, enhance the capacity and availability through cloud hosting while reducing the fields of expertise required to completely manage the website using an effective CMS that manages large number of pages, sections and users, provides role-based access to the website so staffers can control content relevant to their job function, insight into the bounce rate and visitors’ behavior, shared asset management for easy incorporation of important files and images.

The cloud-Hosting on Azure: CBJ Website and it's CMS EchoBus are hosted on Microsoft Azure, Azure gave possibilities to move very swiftly in line with the needs of the business. In addition to providing high scalability and availability, Azure services improved the website stability thanks to the proactive maintenance of the infrastructure that reduces incidents and improves security.


“Your designs exactly what we had always imagined clear, clean, continues, with a focus on stylistic elements. Thank you so much for your work on this project. It was a major help for us” Majdi Smeirat, Executive Manager of IT. Department